Miss Gayle Walter

Phone: 406.660.1848


Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Gayle Walter

I was born and raised in the Ruby Valley and am a 1995 graduate of Sheridan High School. I pursued collegiate volleyball at Montana Tech and eventually transfered to the University of Montana Western to focus on art, graduating with a B.A. in Visual Art and an A.A. in Computer Layout and Design. Recently, I embarked on my K-12 Art Teacher Certification and am in my second year teaching art at Whitehall. Teaching has long been a passion and I have finally landed in my dream job. 


I am passionate about encouraging and helping young people pursue their artistic passion and tap into their creativity

Some of my other passions are art, design & decorating, playing competitve sports (racquetball, volleyball and most recently, pickleball) and coaching young people to be the best they can be in their pursuit of sport. I also love to cook and believe cooking can also be a unique form of art. 

I have two amazing boys: K.T. (5th grade) and Jaxon (3rd grade) who will be new to the elementary school this year - so say hi to them!


My Summer Highlights:

• Visiting the Carnegie Musuem of Art and the Andy Warhol Musuem in Pittsburgh

• Playing topgolf at Hienz Field

• Playing sand volleyball in California

• Learning to play a new fave sport: PICKLEBALL

• Moving to Whitehall! (no more commute, yay!)



Birthday: Halloween (no joke)

Favorite Scent: The Sea

Favorite Drink: Iced Americano

Favorite Snack: Guacamole & Chips

Favorite Collectible: Sea Glass

Favorite Place to Shop: Hobby Lobby

Newest Obsession: Cauliflower Rice