Observational Drawing

    M.S. Art is learning about the elements of art and that a line is a path made by a moving point through space.  They've learned what contour line is, how to do blind continous line drawings and are currently working on drawing their hands. 


    Advanced art has embarked on creating original stencil designs that have a positive message to spray paint on the sidewalk courtyard. Some photos are in the photo gallery, so check them out! They are working on wrapping up their first 3 projects in pencil. We will begin our pencil drawing and color pencil drawing unit starting September 17th.


    H.S. Art I is learning how to condition the right side of their brains to draw what they observe, or what they see. They have done many exercises practicing contour line observational drawing and are learning to shade, hatch, blend, cross hatch, stipple and scrumble using drawing pencils.