• Accelerated Reader at Whitehall Elementary

    Need an AR level or points for a book?
     Click here: http://www.arbookfind.com  YOU MUST SPELL THE TITLE EXACTLY OR IT WON'T SHOW.
    1. A student takes a computerized STAR reading assessment to determine reading skill level during the first week of every quarter in library time. They will receive scores, point goals, and ranges the following week.  If students miss the STAR test for some reason, goals are assigned based on performance from previous years. New students are usually tested the first week of attendance.
    2. Teachers set a time amount of daily silent reading that is available in their classroom. Additional reading at home time is added to that amount to total the amount of silent reading that should be happening on average, per day, for the students in that class (20 minutes is common). The formula for skill, time, and goals is part of the AR program.
    3. The AR program combines the student's reading score with the expected amount of independent silent reading time, and set a goal for the quarter.
    4. Each students is given a range of difficulty (a dot color for younger students) for title selection based on his or her test score. Most books are clearly marked with difficulty and points for passing the quiz, so the students should choose titles of the correct difficulty rating for them. 
    5. Students read an AR book, take (and pass) and AR quiz on the book, and the points automatically are recorded in the computer database. If a student reads the specified amount of time per day, the goals should be attainable. 
    Frequently asked questions:
    What happens if I don't meet my AR goal?
         a) You won't earn any prizes.
    How do I know my goals and how many points I have earned so far?
       a) You will be given your goals in library. You can also log in to AR at school and look it up.
    What if I want to read a book that has no AR sticker?
          a) You can check here http://www.arbookfind.com to double check if it is an AR book.
          b) If there is no quiz for it, and you are not in a crunch to meet your goals, read it anyway!
    What if I can't find a book that is the right difficulty level?
         a) This is a really common problem for students that are reading at a 6th grade skill level or higher. Most books for adults are written at a 5th or 6th grade difficulty level, even if the subject matter is designed for adults (Rainbow 6 by Tom Clancy is a 6.7). Double-check your reading range, and don't be surprised if you find yourself reading on the low end of it due to lack of materials. If you really want a reading challenge, such as a book at level 9 or 10, ask your librarian. The easiest place to find difficult books is in the CLASSICS!!!
    What are the prizes??
     First goal met: poster on the wall. posters go home the last week of school.
    Second goal met: Reader wrist band.
    Third goal met: jumbo candy
    Fourth goal met: Field trip or field day -- NOT Fairmont! It was too expensive! 
    When and where am I supposed to take the quizzes?
         a) During scheduled library time, before or after school, or whenever your teacher says you have time. The AR website can be accessed from any computer at school.
         b) You might be able to test in computer class with Ms. Kieckbusch. Ask her! 
         b) You cannot take AR quizzes at home. Our license is specific to our IP address. You should be able to take quizzes on every machine that has a network connection in the school buildings.
    If I have questions about, or problems with, AR, who can help me?
         a) Ms. Harper should be able to help. Her email address is  hharper@whitehallmt.org, or stop by the library.