• The design process for my classroom grows out of the basic question:  What do I want my students to take away from this day?
    Learning Objectives:  Content knowledge (what do I want students to know?)
                                           Skills (what do I want students to be able to do with what they
                                           Values (what do I want students to care about?)

    Classroom Expectations--Develop Self-Responsible Behavior, Knowledge, and Skills

    Having adopted four universals for our school, our classroom expectations will be built upon the foundation of the 3R'S (respectful, responsible, ready to learn and safe).  Students will be involved in creating a list of words, actions, and attitudes that reflect the 3R'S
    Respect is the "anchor rule" in my classroom.  As we practice the 8 Keys to Success we will become individuals who have, and show, respect for one another.
    8 Keys to Success
    1.  Have integrity
    2.  Learn from mistakes
    3.  Speak with good purpose
    4.  This is it! - Make the most of every moment
    5.  Be committed
    6.  Take responsibility for your actions
    7.  Be flexible
    8.  Balance - live your best life
    We will practice THINKing before we speak.

    Classroom Management Procedure
    Students will receive either positive or negative consequences as a result of their words, behaviors, attitudes and and actions. To minimize classroom disruptions, I will incorporate Love and Logic principles in my classroom.  My goal is to show empathy to the children while setting limits with enforceable statements, sharing control through lots of small choices, building positivie reciprocal relationships and handing out consequences.
    What To Expect From Me
    I feel it is my responsibility to be motivated in my attitudes and actions.  I am here to orchestrate learning and manage states of learning in the classroom.  I believe I am to teach to the best of my ability while delivering gems (positives) and opportunities (corrections) to the kids.  You can expect a structured class that encourages each student to do their own personal best. 
    My motto: Good, better, best
                        Never let it rest
                        Until your good is better
                       And your better is your best.
    My goal is to get to know each student well in order to accommodate the students' different learning styles.  Lastly, and most importantly, you can expect me to have your child's best interest at heart.
Last Modified on August 14, 2018