• concert attire


    5th Band & MS Band
    Boys:  Dress pants, button up shirt, and tie
    Girls:  Dress or blouse and skirt
    HS Band
    Tux shirt, tie, vest, and black pants
    HS Choir
    Boys: Tux shirt, tie, vest, and black pants
    Girls:  Black dress
    Wear nice shoes that match your outfit-it makes a difference! 

    moving kokopelli

    NOTE: All concerts are required and are 40% of the students grade. 


    concert dates  
     Performance Date Time   Location
    Veteran's Day Concert   November 9 10:00 AM Varsity Gym 
    Elementary/MS Christmas Concert (K-5)
    Dec. 12  7:00 PM     Varsity Gym
    MS/HS Christmas Concert
    Dec. 18  7:00 PM  HS Multi-Purpose Room
    HS Honors Festival February 21


    6:30 PM Concert

     Sheridan Schools-Host
    MS Music Solo/Ens Festival
    MS Mass Band
    MARCH 12
    March 20
    Whitehall-HOST from 9a.m.-3:15p.m.
    Host School-Whitehall
    Host School-Philipsburg
    District Music Festival  
    HS Festival Concert a.k.a. "Jitters Night"

    State Music Festival

    April 5-6


    March 28

    May 3-4
    District Music  HOST-Butte
    7:00 pm  Multi-Purpose Room
    HOST-Missoula, SITE-Helena


    Elementary Spring Concert K-5  May 9th   7:00 PM  Varsity Gym
    MS/HS Pops Concert AWARDS NIGHT
     May 16th    7:00 PM   HS Multi-Purpose Room