• Computer/Business Course Descriptions

    Accounting I – Year Class

    Throughout this course, the students will learn accounting terminology, implement practices, and understand concepts. The students will complete the accounting cycle (journalize transactions, post transactions, and prepare financial statements) for a sole proprietorship, partnership, and a corporation. Practice sets and computerized accounting software will be used to reinforce concepts.

    Accounting II – Year Class

    This course is an extension of Accounting I. The students will complete the accounting cycle for a merchandising business organized as a corporation and a departmentalized business. Vouchers, inventory planning, plant assets, uncollectible accounts, accrued revenue and expenses will be covered. Corporation concepts such as dividends and acquiring capital will be taught. Management Accounting and Cost Accounting will be introduced. Practice sets and computerized accounting software will be used to reinforce concepts.

    Introduction to Computer Applications (Semester Class)

    This is a semester course that will introduce computer basics such as hardware, software and online ethics.  Students will then be introduced to the Microsoft Office 2013 software programs.  Topics to be covered are Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentation Software, and Publishing Software.  Google Docs and Office 365 basics will also be introduced during this course.  Photo editing will also be covered to introduce students the basics of editing digital photos.  Miscellaneous topics that will be touched up are creating animations and basic computer game design. Some computer hardware and troubleshooting topics will also be covered.

    Introduction to Computer Programming/Coding 

    CodeHS online program will be used as a basis for this class.  It is a computer programming course that is available for dual credit through Montana Tech.  Two programming languages are covered - Karel, as the introduction, and Java.  From there, animation and some gaming concepts are introduced. 


    This class will have various topics covered throughout the year.  A section of the course will be photo editing and video editing.  From there, the course will move to simple 2 Dimensional animations then onto 3 Dimensional animations. Computer programming/coding concepts will be covered throughout the year.  CodeHS will give students students an understanding of the basics of writing computer programs/games. This course will be somewhat project oriented where students are expected to use various concepts learned in the class to make presentable projects to demonstrate their understanding.

    Middle School Computers (Year 2) (Semester Course)

    Keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software will be reviewed.  A continuation of simple, visual computer programming will taught. Other topics that will be introduced will be simple App development, simple photo editing, simple video editing.  Google Docs will also be used in this course. New topics to be introduced are simple computer programming, introduction to photo editing, and simple game design. Internet safety/netiquette will also be covered throughout the semester. Students in this class will use Google Docs and will be introduced to Office 365.

    Middle School Computers (Year 1) (Semester Course)

    This course will teach proper keyboarding technique.  Also, basic word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software skills will be taught.  Simple computer programming will also be introduced.  Internet safety/netiquette will also be covered throughout the semester.  Google Docs will also be used in this course.

    Education Philosophy as it pertains to teaching Business and Computers -

    It is my philosophy to prepare my students for life outside of school.  Computers and technology are everywhere so I need to prepare them to be able to use different forms of technology in different situations.  They need to be productive when using technology and be responsible users of that technology.  Overall, we want the students from Whitehall to be productive members of society and we need to do our best to prepare them!!