• Basic Classroom Rules




    Treat others as you would like to be treated.


    Follow all handbook policies - especially dealing with student discipline and MBI Expectations!!

    Respect, Responsible, Safe and Ready to Learn!!

    If you are absent, you have 2 days to make up any missed work. It is THE STUDENT’S responsibility to get any missed work from me. If the work is not completed in 2 days, it will be a zero. You are considered tardy if you are not in the room WHEN the bell rings. If you are more than 10 minutes late, you are considered absent. See the handbook for rules on tardiness and absences.

    You may sit where you wish. If you are bothering others in the class, you will be moved permanently to a seat of the MY choice.


    Computer Lab Rules 
    The computers are expensive. Treat them nicely!! I will know exactly what computer you use, so remember that!!

    If you get weird messages on your computer, tell me IMMEDIATELY!!

    This is NOT Internet game playing time!  A warning will be given and documented on the first offense; if it happens again, computer use for that day will be taken away.  Any missing work because of that will result in a zero.

    No attempting to bypass the content filter

    No chatting, blogging, etc...