The purpose of this course is to determine what basic math operations the student has difficulty with, to teach, to remedy (when necessary), and to provide each student with the opportunity to learn those facts and computational skill.  The goal is to reintroduce the students in the regular math curriculum, pre-algebra or algebra.




    Emphasis is on a gradual thorough approach to first year algebra without unnecessary stress on structure.  This course is designed for those students who wish to take first year algebra but whose mathematical skills will not allow them to do so at this time.  Skills and concepts to be mastered: Review and practice of integers, Fractional numbers, factors, Multiples and basic algebra and geometry skills. 




    Emphasis is on a continued gradual thorough approach to first year algebra.  At the completion of Pre-Algebra I and Pre-Algebra II the material covered should be the same as an Algebra I course.




    Pre-requisites: 8th grade Math, Pre-Algebra test results, and recommendation of school personnel.


    This course emphasizes basic and fundamental Algebra skills while highlighting applications, using statistics and geometry to develop the algebra of linear equations and inequalities, and including probability concepts in conjunction with algebraic fractions. Applications motivate virtually all lessons. Considerable attention is given to graphing. Manipulation with rational algebraic expressions is delayed until later courses. UCSMP Text




    Emphasis is to increase the student’s ability to organize his or her thinking processes and make practical applications of geometric properties, for students to better understand geometric relationships, and for students to integrate algebraic and geometric concepts.




    Pre-requisites: Algebra I, Geometry or Pre-Alg I and II and Geometry


    This course emphasizes facility with algebraic expressions and forms, especially linear and quadratic forms, powers, and roots, and functions based on these concepts. Students study logarithmic, trigonometric, polynomial, and other special functions as tools for modeling real-world situations. The course applies geometrical ideas learned in the previous years, including transformations and measurement formulas. UCSMP Text




    Pre-requisites: Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II


    This course will include descriptive and inferential statistics, combinations, probability and further work with exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions.  Enough trigonometry will be available to constitute a standard pre-calculus background in trigonometry and circular functions.  Algebraic and statistical concepts will be integrated throughout and modeling of real phenomena will be emphasized. UCSMP Text




    A fifth year mathematics course is pre-calculus and beginning calculus.  It will include but not limited to preliminary skills in functions and relations, limits, zeros, and identities.  It will lead into analysis, derivatives, and how to solve upper level mathematics equations with and without technology.