• Homecoming 2017

    Theme:  Montana Proud 

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    Dress Up Days:


    "MT Universities or Careers" - Dress up in your favorite MT University team or as a career typical  or unique to Montana


    "4 Seasons" - Dress for one of the 4 Seasons in Montana, or multiple seasons in one day


    "Redneck/Cowboy" – Dress up as a Montana Redneck or Cowboy


    "Granola/Montana Hippie Day" - Dress up as one of our beloved Eco-focused and friendly residents


    "Hometown Proud" - Wear your favorite Hometown Colors (Purple and Gold Day)

    *There will be a HOMETOWN PROUD Food Drive all week. All classes K-12 should bring in food all week to donate to the Whitehall Food Bank. Elementary teachers should keep it in their room and Student Council will come and collect it once at the end of the week so that we do not interrupt your classes. Middle School and High School students will turn it in to their advisors each day and Student Council will collect and count it daily. The class that brings in the most items overall will win a Root Beer Float Party.


    • Dress up counting during 1st Period
    • 30 min. 9-12 Assembly at 8:20 for high school students to kick off the week
    • High School Lunch Competition: High School Hall Decorating - This will continue after school all week until Friday Morning.  Judging will happen on Friday morning.


    • Dress up counting during 1st Period
    • High School Lunch Competition: Tug-O-War
    • After School Activity: High School Movie Night in the Mr. Head’s Room at 7:00 pm


    • Dress up counting during 1st Period.
    • High School Lunch Competition: Redneck Bowling
    • High School Activity during School: Powder Puff Football @ 7th period


    • Dress up counting during 1st Period.
    • High School lunch activity: Dodgeball in Varsity Gym for high School classes
    • Bonfire after the volleyball game (This is still up to the weather and the fire marshal)


    Students check into 1st Period for attendance and royalty voting and Dress up Counting

    • 8:15-8:20 - Counting
    • 8:20-10 - Manly Man Volleyball in the Varsity Gym
    • 10-10:45 - K-12 Assembly (Cheerleaders and cheers)
    • 10: 45 - High School and Middle School classes will work on floats for the parade.
    • 11:40 - Lunch, Work on Floats, and Hallways
    • 12:40 - Check into 6th Period for attendance and then head out to stage the floats for the parade.  
    • 12:50 - On Floats / Elementary line up and prepare to lead the parade.  
    • 1:00 - Parade
    • 1:45-2:15  Clean Up
    • Students released at normal time.
    • Homecoming Royalty will be announced at the half time of the football game.



Last Modified on September 27, 2017