• Homecoming 2018 

    Theme:   “Road Trip to Victory”

    Dress Up Days:

    Monday- "Miami Beach" Dress up in your favorite beach gear (School appropriate, of course)

    Tuesday – "Louisiana Bayou" Dress like you’re heading out to go “muddin’” or duck huntin’

    Wednesday – "Hollywood" Dress up in your best movie get up.

    Thursday – "NYC Glamour" Get all dressed up for a night out on the town.

    Friday – “Trojan Country" Wear your favorite Hometown Colors (Purple and Gold Day)


    • Activities and Competitions:  All Week will be a competition between the high school classes.  A large score sheet will hang in the student lounge.
    • Dress up days will be counted by class advisors and reported to Mr. Head at the beginning of each day and prizes awarded for best costume by advisors.
    • JMG Classes will do campus clean up during the week.
    • Elementary classes will continue with the best Spirit Posters contest.  The posters will need to be hung in the Varsity gym by Thursday’s volleyball match
    • We also will have a door decorating contest for k-8 classes.  Classes will select one of their advisor’s doors or their classroom door to decorate following the theme “Road Trip to Victory”.  Student Council will take photos and post them online for the community to vote on.


    • Dress up counting during 1st
    • 30 min. 9-12 Assembly at 11:30 for high school students to kick off the week in the MPR
    • High School Lunch Competition: High School Hall Decorating - This will continue after school all week until Friday Morning.  Judging will happen on Friday morning.


    • Dress up counting during 1st Period
    • High School Lunch Competition: Stick horse races in Multipurpose
    • After School Activity: High School Bonfire at 8:00pm



    • Dress up counting during 1st
    • High School Lunch Competition: Tug-o-war in courtyard
    • High School Activity after school: Movie at Tennis Courts starting @ 8:00pm


    • Dress up counting during 1st
    • High School lunch activity: “Fashion Show” with Twist in MPR
    • Volleyball game against Townsend @ 5:00


    • Students check into 1 Period for attendance and royalty voting and Dress up Counting
    • 8:15-8:20  Counting
    • 8:20-10  Manly Man Volleyball outside by the tennis courts (unless the weather is bad and this will be held in the MPR
    • 10-10:45  K-12 Assembly ( Cheerleaders and cheers) held in Varsity gym.  Teachers, please remind students to stay off the court with street shoes.  They should have socks or court shoes only.
    • 10: 45 High School and Middle School classes will work on floats for the parade.
    • 11:40  Lunch Work on Floats
    • 12:40  Check into 6th Period for attendance and then head out to stage the floats for the parade.  
    • 12:50 On Floats/Elementary line up and prepare to lead the parade.  
    • 1:00  Parade
      • Parade led by band float then the Kindergarten class on the new activity bus.  The bus will be followed by the rest of the Elementary classes, walking. For any new staff, when elementary classes reach the grass area in front of Elementary wing they will line up to watch the middle school and high school floats pass.  Candy will be thrown to the students at this point. The parade floats will continue on around the track and back out to the high school student parking lot. High school floats will stay on the track for display for the community to check out before and during the high school Football game Friday night.
    • 1:45-2:15  Clean Up hallways and campus prior to games.
    • Students released at normal time.

    Homecoming Volleyball match has changed.  Thursday night’s game against Townsend will still happen as scheduled, however, the Three Forks game will be held on Friday, starting at 3:30.  This will be the Homecoming Volleyball game. Therefore both our volleyball and football teams compete against Three Forks Friday, Sept. 21st for Homecoming.  

    Homecoming Royalty will still be announced at the halftime of the football game.


Last Modified on September 12, 2018