• 2017-2018 School Year 

    My name is Britt Allen McLean, and I am the Elementary Principal here at Whitehall School.  This is my third year in the elementary realm and my 6th year as an administrator in the Whitehall School District.  I believe in the abilities of the staff and students here at Whitehall School, and I am anxious to continue to lead our district in a positive direction.  This year we have many new staff members throughout the district.  If you get the chance, please come in and introduce yourself to these people and reunite with our experienced staff.  

    Before obtaining my position here as a Trojan, I also worked as an Elk (Avon, MT) and a Cougar (Cardwell, MT), teaching all subjects as a seventh and eighth grade classroom teacher.  This will be my Thirteenth  year as a professional educator.  I started my certified training at The University of Montana Western, where I majored in Elementary Education.  I graduated from there in 2005.  After graduating from Dillon, I worked in Avon, MT for three years.  In Avon my wife and I shared the role of supervising teacher.  This experience helped lead me into the administration field.  I truly enjoyed the district and staff who worked with me as well as the relationships I built with the families of that area. 

     In my fourth year of teaching, I moved to Whitehall, and acquired a job teaching in Cardwell.  I thoroughly enjoyed this district as well.  I taught in Cardwell for four years, and it was during this time that I decided I would go back to school and enroll in a masters program.  It just so happened that Montana State University was starting up a rural educational cohort as a pilot program through its educational leadership department.  I joined the group, and after three long years of studying, earned my degree and certification as an administrator.

    I currently have a wonderful wife Casey, and three energetic boys that keep me busy in my free time.  I love the outdoors as well, and enjoy hunting and fishing alike.  The majority of my family lives in Western Montana, and many of them live here in Whitehall.  This is great for my little ones and their parents as well! 
    Contact me via phone or email:  (406) 287-3882 Ext: 2112   School email address: bmclean@whitehallmt.org  
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