• Greetings!

    My name is John Sullivan and I am entering my 2nd year as the superintendent of Whitehall Schools. I extremely thankful for all of the the community support for myself and our school system.  I am confident that Whitehall Schools is headed in the right direction and that our staff and school is providing an excellent education for the students of our community.  We strive to build a working relationship with all of our community members and organizations; this is our school and we are all Trojan Proud!  

    For those of you who do not know me, I have been an educator, coach, athletic director, and principal at Ennis High School for the past 23 years.   I am excited to continue to serve as the superintendent of Whitehall Schools and hope to move Whitehall Schools in a positive direction.

    I am married to my wife Cindy and all together we have 5 children.  Savannah is our oldest and is 28 years old and teaches at Cardwell School.  Eric is 26 and is currently living in Boca Raton, Florida and attends Florida Atlantic University; he was in the Air Force prior to moving to Boca Raton.  Holly is 25 and lives and works in Ennis.  Mikayla is 20 and lives and works in Bozeman.  Connor, our youngest, is attending Montana State University on a full-ride football scholarship, so I am now a Bobcat fan!  I do have my Master’s Degree from the University of Montana so you could say we are a house divided.

    My career in education began as a Business/Computer teacher and I taught Life Science due to having a minor in Biology.  I coached high school varsity basketball for 10 years and was an assistant track coach for 14 years.  During my career in Ennis I also served as the Technology Coordinator for 4 years, the Athletic Director for 3 years, and the High School Principal for 6 years. 

    Some of my friends think I am crazy for leaving the Madison Valley and coming to Whitehall, but I feel that I am extremely lucky.   I truly believe that you make your own luck and your own breaks.  Everything I have learned about the staff and students of Whitehall has been positive and I feel that together we can make Whitehall Schools a great place.  We need to let people know about all of the great things we do at Whitehall Schools.

    My main goal is to work on school/community pride and to provide some positive leadership to get this train moving down the tracks!  I sincerely look forward to working with the staff, students, and community to move the district forward.

    I can be reached by phone at 406-287-3455 or by email at jsullivan@whitehallmt.org or feel free to stop by the school and visit any time. 

    Go Trojans!!