Classroom Rules


     All our students have the resources to make appropriate choices and behave appropriately.  I do not anticipate many discipline problems, however, sometimes lapses in good judgement do occur.  In these incidences the student needs to understand that I will not allow a student to interfere with the learning of the rest of the class.  In order to provide your child, and all the students in our room, the excellent learning climate they deserve, we will be utilizing the following discipline plan:




    Our Class Rules


        1.    We agree to be safe.


        2.    We agree to respectful.


        3.   We agree to be responsible.

    4.  We agree to be ready to learn.

    If your child chooses to break a rule:

    1st consequence:  Warning


    2nd consequence:  10 minutes of recess


    3rd consequence:  15 minutes of recess


    4th consequence:  all of next recess and phone call home.                                                                                   




    These consequences do not carry over from day to day: each day begins with a clean slate.  =)  In the case of a severe disruption, such as physical abuse of another child, the student will be sent directly to the principal and the parents will be notified.




    I have found that if children are aware of the limits and understand the reasons for them we all have an extremely enjoyable year together.